I need this !




Wow – I can hear Fifths!


Finally took the plunge today and bought my dream instrument  – a Cello.

For many years I’ve wanted to give it a go, and now I gave myself a 60th birthday present – Gwendoline – my new Cello. I really wanted an electric Cello, but after I realized I could not find a teacher willing to teach electric I decided to plump for an acoustic. So off I march to the local music store determined to get their ‘student’ model. I checked the web-site beforehand – and yes they had them in stock – 2 versions either £400 or £535. Got to the shop at opening time and …. ‘sorry we don’t have either of those in stock’ …. hmm. But then they did have another in stock yet more expensive @ £699 – so I bit the bullet and bought the beast (it was the beast at this point – not having a name:) ).

On getting home I decided on a name for my new best friend and came up with Gwendoline. So then I started checking out on-line lessons and off I go with my open string bowing exercises. This was fine – no need to tune (Gwendoline came with new strings and was guaranteed to be out of tune). But eventually this evening I got round to trying to tune the Cello – a ‘fun’ process ! Then I slowly realized that plucking the strings in turn I could tell they were out of tune, and after some time I managed to get it right – this time plucking the strings I could ‘hear’ they sounded right – hey presto – I can ‘hear’ a fifth interval and ‘know’ it’s correct. Maybe it’s the hearing aids – I don’t know, but I’d always been regarded as ‘Tone Deaf’ – but here I was knowing the tuning was correct – I really can hear fifths!